Individual counseling

I work primarily with adults seeking individual-based counseling services. I offer an integrative counseling approach that is strength & wellness-focused, trauma-informed and highly personalized. My clinical demeanor is both gentle and compassionate, as well as direct and honest.

I work with a range of emotional and behavioral issues, including:

  • Anxiety and panic
  • Depression and feelings of sadness
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Spirituality, and those looking to bring their spiritual practice more into their everyday lives.
  • Support for empaths, intuitives and highly sensitive individuals
  • Women’s issues
  • Stress management, and adjusting to life changes

The therapeutic work that I do is heart-centered, steeped in mindfulness, and derives from the perspective that the body, mind and spirit are deeply interconnected. I utilize positive psychology, dialectical-behavioral and cognitive-behavioral therapies. I also incorporate breathwork and somatic mind-body applications that promote self-awareness, authenticity, integration and self-compassion.

Art Therapy: I also offer art therapy. Art therapy fosters the development of unrealized creative potential and allows for the deeper exploration of our authentic selves, as well as relief from overwhelming emotions and trauma. Art experience is not necessary. Incorporating art in session may look very different depending on the individual, and can include painting, drawing, collage-making, art journaling, or mixed media.

I generally use the “art as therapy” approach which means that the art-making process itself is healing, and the interpretation of the art piece is secondary.  However, engaging with a finished piece of art can be quite revealing and so I will allow for time to engage in dialogue about the art.

Art supplies will be available at my office and clients are welcome to bring their own personal art journal or a favorite art medium.

The first part of emotional healing is having someone with a keen ear to catch your melodic voice.” -Thomas Merton